Good Monday morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was out of town all weekend sorry there weren’t any posts. Back on the wagon today and I think it will be yoga.

Yesterday I went shopping for some new clothes. With the promotion at work new clothes will be needed. Unfortunately I shopped at a store that after I lost all the weight I said I would never shop in again. Yesterday I found myself in it’s dressing rooms again. I got so down over this. The negative self talk flares up. I hate that feeling. It drives my husband nuts when I put myself down but I always feel I deserve it.

Well this morning I was getting ready for work and giving myself a mental beating and then it just hit me. You have to accept who you are at this moment. It doesn’t mean this is where you will always be but this is you right now accept it, embrace it, and love it. It doesn’t mean I won’t have bad days but I will get through them. I have the love of a wonderful husband you accepts me no matter what. I have a great daughter her loves me more than I ever thought possible. Accept yourselves for who you are and love it. Move forward wherever that might take you!